Product Placement



How much will a campaign cost?

This depends on quite a number of variables;

  • How many locations you want to sample in

  • Where they are located

  • What you want done in store - do appliances need to be hired for example

  • What you want your campaign to look and feel like

We recommend we sit with you to understand your objectives and if you have a set budget let us know, we will recommend the best way to optimise it.

Can I specify a staff member to be male/female or a certain age range?

It's more about getting the right staff to match the demographic we are targeting, and sometimes it needs to be done in a strategic and diplomatic way.  If we were sampling women's personal hygiene products for example we would not use male staff. For products targeting mums with kids, we will look to staff it where we can with our staff members that have children and can relate to the products. We have a diverse range of staff on our books suitable for all campaigns.

How long do the sessions need to be?

Sessions need to be a minimum of three hours long.

What happens if there is not enough stock in store when your staff turn up?

This can happen occasionally and we will agree with you up front what the best course of action is. The options are generally to either;

  • Cancel and rebook the session (a full session's charge will apply as our staff member has already committed their time)

  • Continue to demonstrate and inform shoppers that the product has been so popular it has "sold out"

As part of our service we do a "courtesy call" to the stores several days prior to the session to remind them that they have a demonstration coming up and to be sure to order in enough stock.  The best way to prevent this occurring is to have your sales team involved and engaged in the process from as early on as possible.

What are the best stores/areas to be in?

We really like to be guided by your sales team regarding store selection as this can vary dramatically from product to product and region to region.

Can you recommend the times to be doing sampling?

This is another one for the sales team to be closely involved with. We certainly have experience with most stores and areas from previous campaigns and can share these learnings with you. 

What happens if we need to cancel the sessions we have booked?

Once we staff campaigns our staff have committed their time and the co-ordination and management of the session has been 95% completed. Campaigns cancelled or postponed within five days prior to their scheduled date will be subjected to a cancellation fee of 50% of talent costs. Campaigns cancelled or postponed within 48 hours prior to their scheduled date will incur a a full talent fee.

Are your staff trained to sell?

Absolutely, we will agree with you a sales target for the team to aim for at each session. Often we will incentivise our team as well.  

Why do I need to pay for set up and pack down?

Once the staff member enters the store or the event there is often work to do to get set up prior to starting the session. Such as finding key stakeholders, checking the price of the product,and setting up the location. This then eats into pure demonstration time. So we allow 15 mins set up and 15 mins breakdown which is built into the budget.

Do we have to pay for web page set up?

All our staff post their feedback and photos online and we need to set a special campaign website for your company to enable them to do this. 

What does the training fee entail?

We train our staff in an integrated way to ensure that their output represents your brand to the highest standard. This includes video training, face to face training, and comprehensive training notes.