Product Placement

Getting started

Start with the end in mind - the better the brief,the better the outcome

We come and sit with you and understand what you want to achieve with this campaign.  If required, we have a comprehensive briefing document you can use that will help you consolidate your thoughts and refine your objectives. This gets you thinking about things such as;

  • Campaign size/duration and session length?

  • Stationary or roaming?

  • In store or out of home?

  • Traditional delivery or something more creative?

  • National or regional?

  • Uniform look and feel

  • Integration with other advertising or promotional programmes

  • Pricing recommendations and having a strong call to action on the day

We can show you examples of campaigns we've done before and give you guidance on how to get the best results for your brand.


How to get the best out of your campaign

We've got some great learnings on how to get the best out of your campaign, and we can talk you through these when we meet, in the meantime here are our 10 top tips (in no particular order)  for the best possible campaign outcome.

  1. Inventory loading - when you demonstrate in store you will most likely sell 10 x more stock in a 3 hour period than your normal weekly rate of sale. Will you have enough inventory in store and available for the shopper to purchase?  Get your sales team involved early so they can be engaged and part of the process.

  2. Integration with other elements of your campaign - are you doing other advertising? A direct mail drop? Is your product on promotion in store in a particular week? Does your advertising have a particular look and feel to it? Let us know what you are doing so we can integrate this campaign as well.

  3. Distribution - is your product readily available for the consumer to buy after they have tried it? Ensure you have your distribution sorted before embarking on a campaign.

  4. A call to action - A strong promotional price/$ off coupon on the day the demonstrator is in store, or a voucher to redeem with a short time frame on it for experiential campaigns, is a very powerful too. If you have engaged us to promote your product you should maximise this opportunity. Sometimes all the shopper needs to hear are the words "while I'm in store today this product is...." to get them to purchase!

  5. Stand out - don't fit in! - be brave and bold with your look and feel. Try funky t-shirts or other elements that get shopper interaction.

  6. Keep it simple  - if you have more than four products in your range, don't try and sample them all at once. Especially if it is a food product, peoples' taste buds can generally only cope with three different flavours in a row.

  7. Focus your in store programme in stores that matter - in a perfect world it would be nice to have someone in every store pushing your product, but in reality you are better using your budget going into bigger stores with higher foot traffic multiple times than in smaller stores, unless there is a strong strategic reason for being there.

  8. Tell us what's important and what the key messages you want the shopper to receive are - we can then build them into our training notes and emphasise them to our staff.

  9. Share your vision with us - tell us what you would like to see if you walk into a store and see your product being demonstrated and let us bring it to life for you.

  10. Get your sales team involved - they are the ones with the relationship with the stores and also they know which stores are best for demonstrating in. We will get our area managers to call your regional contacts to introduce themselves so that everyone is working together.

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