Product Placement

2. Demonstration mechanics

How do you want your product to look and feel in store?

How is your product best demonstrated? On its own or with something else that will complement it?  How it is designed to be used when the shopper takes it home?  We will recommend the best way to showcase your product and we can provide the tools you need to do it. Want a joint venture partner? We can speak to other complimentary Brand owners to see if they want to be involved


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Maille Mustard
In this demonstration for a French Mustard we recreated in store the popular "Croque Monsieur" French snack
Ham, cheese and mustard toasted sandwiches. The cheese was provided by a joint venture partner that we sourced for the client Shoppers were able to taste two different mustards and a vegetarian version was also offered.
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Countdown Avocados
In this Avocado demonstration we showcased two recipes to demonstrate the versatility of the fruit
The ever popular Guacamole as well as a simple smoked chicken, tomatoberry and avocado skewers were offered.  The client provided recipe cards to hand out and the product was a hit!
In store demonstrations and sampling - roaming or stationary?

Which is better? Well both of them have their advantages and disadvantages:

Stationary table demonstrations allow for high visibility branding and the ability to showcase a number of things at any one time. Cooking demonstrations will always need to be table demonstrations. The downside of stationary table demonstrations is that you may not always be located by your product, or even in fact by your category,  this can be overcome however with a product display next to the table or stock for sale positioned on the demonstration table. Here are some examples of great table demonstrations.

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Scotch Brite Easy Erasing Pad
A  vibrantly branded table demonstration was the perfect way to showcase the versatility of this fantastic product
Props such as tiles, mirrors and the table top itself was used to demonstrate to shoppers how the Scotch Brite Easy Erasing Pad removes hard to shift marks around the home Stock for the shoppers to purchase was kept on the demonstration table so a sales could be instantly made
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Listerine Zero
A table demonstration was required for this campaign as there were a number of elements required to ensure a smooth demonstration of a personal hygiene product.
The stands were highly branded with creative matching the advertising message and balloons were used as an added attraction (great for getting the kids and their parents over). The staff were dressed in surgical scrubs to reinforce the professional element of the brand, and the stales team located bin displays near the tables so shoppers could easily purchase the product.

Roaming demonstrations & sampling on the other hand allow the demonstrator to be located right by the product - even down the aisle so they can influence the shopper at point of purchase. There are limitations to what staff can carry and hand out in roaming demonstrations so these are best suited to simple executions. Here are some examples where roaming demonstrations have worked very effectively.

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Finish Quantum
Our staff were given vouchers to hand to shoppers offering them $3 instantly off the products plus 2 additional free tablets
We located the staff either by front end displays that the sales team had organised in store, or down the aisle by the products The staff wore branded bags to carry the free samples and vouchers in so they could easily access these and hand them to the shoppers