Product Placement

1. In store or experiential?

We recommend the activation strategy that we feel will best assist you to achieve your objectives, this may be an "in store" activation, attendance at events, some other sort of out of home sampling, or a combination of these.

In store campaigns

These have the ability to influence the shoppers decision in store where the majority of purchase decisions are made. It gives a one on one interaction with the brand allows the features and benefits of the brand to be explained, and raises awareness of your brand with the shopper who is already in a purchasing frame of mind.  If your objectives include:

  • Launching a new product and encouraging trial and purchase

  • Increasing rate of sale of an existing product that needs a bit of a lift

  • Increasing your market share

  • Moving the focus away from the price of the product onto the benefits

In store campaigns are a really great way of achieving all of these.

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Sushi co - frozen sushi
This product was a new product and a  new concept to the market in an already established take away category. It could be kept in the freezer and quickly defrosted for a healthy and convenient snack.

In store  we demonstrated the ease of defrosting this product in the microwave for the freshest sushi. Shoppers had the opportunity to try this great new product and experience it before purchasing.
Teza - Iced teas
This gorgeous range of iced teas was an existing product made in NZ that had a loyal consumer base,  but was a product that many shoppers not familiar with iced teas  may not have tried.

Running an in store campaign allowed great brand exposure and shopper trial of the product.

Many shoppers commented that they had not previously tried iced tea and were surprised at how refreshing and delicious it was.
3M Easy Erasing Pads
This versatile product had been available in store for some time however the client wanted to remind shoppers how great it was for a variety of uses around the home.

Using a number of different props to recreate common household surfaces our team demonstrated the ease of this product. The demonstrations were scheduled to target the household shopper.
Experiential and out of home

Taking your brand to unexpected places is a lot of fun. If your objectives include;

  • Increasing brand awareness

  • Cut through and "talk ability" about your brand

  • Generating noise and excitement about your brand 

Then experiential sampling should be explored. Here are some great examples of taking function products to their target audience in a creative way.

DSC05581 2 DSCF4389 1 Listerine 8 May 002
Fisherman's Friend Lozenges
Segways were turned into boats with gorgeous captains and taken to outdoor places such as high traffic areas, beaches, and busy streets. The segways and uniforms provided high cut through and discussion and people were easy to engage and sample to
Carefree Barely There is a personal care product targeted at young women aged 18+. We took this campaign to the streets and busy malls with roaming sampling teams handing out purse packs of samples. The sampling team were clearly branded in bright pink and the sample packs generous but discreet. Listerine Zero Office Drops
We designed these to integrate with the launch and a heavy in store sampling campaign. Big bottles with pumps on the top and an allocation of cups were dropped off to big offices nationwide and left in the men's and women's bathrooms for the staff to try.
Events and Expos

If your objectives include;

  • High volume  targeted exposure to your brand 

  • The opportunity to interact with a large amount of people over a short period of time

 Sampling at events and expos are often a good way of achieving this. In most instances you will need to pay a fee or take a stand at an event to be able to exhibit however sampling can also be done outside events, attracting people as they enter or leave. Here are some examples of great brand exposure at events.

IMG 0798 1 0001 RWCflag1 IMG 2452 1
Compeed at the Auckland marathon.
Compeed is an advanced treatment for blisters so the opportunity to interact with people that had just run a marathon was to great to pass up. We put product samples on the race tables and then created a "Compeed Chill Out" zone at the end of the race where competitors could relax and get their blisters treated.
Irish Flags at the Rugby World Cup
The brief was to "green" the stadiums where the Irish team were playing to build support.

We had to carefully plan this campaign in order to get the flags into the stadium whilst still respecting the IRB guidelines for merchandise.

Over 50,000 flags were handed out across 6 venues
Welsh Flags at the Rugby World Cup
We lined the fan trails and everywhere supporters would go to get as many flag into Eden Park during the semi finals as we could.

Over 8000 flags were handed out over a 4 hour period.