Product Placement

Carefree - Street Sampling - Sept 2011

The client brief
To distribute as many samples into the hands of the target market as possible – women aged 18-25.
The product
Carefree Barely There Liners
The response
We needed to be very targeted with this campaign and also build into our response the sensitivity of sampling such a product.
Our talent needed to be representational of the target market as well.
We put together a integrated street and mall sampling campaign and also negotiated with two key woman only gym chains for gym drops to their members.  We provided the client with a budgeted breakdown of how many samples we would target distributing in each area and throughout each region.
The outcome
 Over 40,000 samples were given away in a four-week period.
Carefree DSCF4359 1 Carefree Carefree
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