Product Placement

Compeed Auckland Marathon - Oct 2011

The client brief 
The Client was on a restricted budget, and the key objective was to sample the product in a relevant environment to encourage purchase and trial.
The product 
Compeed is a highly advanced, instant treatment for blisters.
The response 
A Compeed “chill out” zone was created at the Auckland Marathon Event Village at Victoria park which is the finishing point for Auckland’s largest Marathon.   Compeed coloured Bean Bags were utilized with a highly branded Marquee to give participants respite from the Sun.
Participants were encouraged to relax on the beanbags while their blisters were treated with Compeed.  Glass jars filled with sugar sweets were on hand to replenish glycogen levels.  Compeed samples were distributed on the water stations along the marathon route; on the massage tables and a sampling team distributed samples on the day.
The outcome 
Over 5000 samples were distributed to a highly relevant market that had the opportunity to use them instantly.
The client said
“I’ve been chatting to some of the staff that participated in the Auckland Marathon over the weekend and the feedback has been absolutely amazing!  I just had one staff member call me and talk to me for 10 minutes about what a great job had been done by your staff!"
Rebecca Wilson –Johnson & Johnson

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