Cookie Time- Breakfast On The Go

The Client Brief
To raise awareness of two new flavours in the Cookie Time Range targeted at consumers who want a delicious convenient breakfast snack on the way to work. To encourage trial and purchase of the brand.

The Product
The two flavours sampled were Nut, Honey & Seed and The Superfruits. Both extremely tasty either toasted or dipped in milk.

The Response
As this product was targeted at the breakfast consumer ‘on the go’, outdoor commuter sessions were undertaken in peak foot traffic areas such as Britomart and Park n Ride depots. Sessions were executed over 3 hour durations from 6.30am-9.30am.
Our brand ambassadors we dressed in red ‘onesie’ uniforms (to look like pajamas) to attract all commuters to try a Cookie Time Breakfast Cookie of their choice for breakfast.

The Outcome
Consumers were educated on the fact that Cookie Time Breakfast Cookies were a great way to get the tasty energy hit that they needed in the morning, and were made aware of where to purchase this product from. 
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