Product Placement

Finish Quantum

The client brief 
The client wanted to encourage shoppers to stop pre-rinsing and take up the 'Finish Quantum Challenge', the campaign coincided with television advertising and in-store specials to prompt trial and awareness.

The product 
Finish Quantum dishwashing tablets – A whole new world of shine.
The response 
Working with the client's BTL agency, we followed up on a similar campaign we did for Finish Quantum in March and formed an in store program covering high density national coverage in four weeks to coincide with their marketing campaign. The Quantum Challenge involved breaking down shoppers' perceptions that their dishes needed to be pre-rinsed; if they weren't happy with the results, Finish provided a money back guarantee.

Team members wore distinctive branded “Finish” shirts with shiny silver aprons to reflect the positioning of the brand. Roaming demonstrators were located by large impactful product displays in order to inform shoppers of the benefits of the new product.  $3.00 coupons were used as an additional “call to action” for the shopper to purchase while our team was in store.
The outcome 
Over 3,600 Finish Quantum packs were placed in shopper’s trolleys over the course of the campaign.
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