Product Placement

Irish Flags - Rugby World Cup 2011

The client brief 

To “green the stadiums” where the Irish Rugby Team were playing during the RWC
The product 
Irish Rugby Team
The response:

Perhaps considered underdogs the Irish team had a huge support base throughout the Rugby World Cup. The challenge was to hand out as many Irish Flags as possible to supporters on game days to supporters going to the game and not contravene the strict IRB clean zone policy, which prevented access to large areas around stadiums and on transport links.
We strategically placed team members in key areas moving them to different locations over a 5-hour period.
The outcome 
Mission accomplished, with print and TV commentary on how many flags there were in the stadium
0001 RWCflag1 0001   RWC Irish Rotorua 25th September  61 IMG 0371 1 IMG 0375 1
IMG 0377 1 0003   RWC Irish Rotorua 25th September  45 IMG 0366 1 0005 RWCflag5
0018   RWC Irish Auckland8 0013   RWC Irish Auckland3 0016   RWC Irish Auckland6 0004   RWC Irish Rotorua 25th September  52
0004 RWCflag4 0012   RWC Irish Auckland2 SAM 0493 1 Sdc10915 1