Product Placement

Masterfoods Seasonings

The client brief 
The client wanted to raise consumer awareness of the their four promotional seasonings and how they could be used together to create new and exciting flavours. The campaign coincided with television advertising and in-store specials to prompt trial and awareness.

The product 
Garlic Salt, Tuscan Seasoning, Italian Herbs and Garlic Salt.
The response 
Working with the client's BTL agency, we formed an in store program covering high density national coverage to coincide with their marketing campaign. The nationwide campaign ran for four weeks campaign and managed to engage over 21,300 supermarket shoppers. The Masterfoods demonstration involved cooking up bite sized portions of steak and kumara with the seasonings and handing them out to shoppers to see how they liked the combination of flavours.

Team members wore professional black hats and aprons and stood behind "Masterfoods" branded tables with the product to reflect the positioning of the brand. Demonstration tables were located by large impactful product displays in order to inform shoppers of the benefits of the new product.  
The outcome 
Over 3,520 Masterfoods Seasonings were placed in shopper’s trolleys over the course of the campaign.
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