Symbio Yoghurt

The Client Brief
To encourage shoppers to trial and purchase the products. To offer the variety of new flavours across the country.

The Product
Four packs of Mango & Apricot and Natural flavoured yoghurt.

The response
Our demonstrators prepared small cups of each variant of Symbio yoghurt. The consumer had the choice of what flavour they wanted to sample. Demonstrators roamed the store using ushertte trays to reach as many shoppers as possible.

Increased sales were experienced during demonstration sessions while also elevating consumer awareness as a large number of customers had not tried the new Symbio flavours.
7(copy) Symbio Apricot and mango CD Pakuranga 14-03-14 (4)(copy)(copy) Symbio Mango CD Meadowlands 22 3 2014 (3)(copy)(copy)(copy) Symbio CD LYnmall 22(copy)(copy)
Chloe Hall Symbio NW Northwood 13(copy) Symbio NW Rototuna 07(copy) Symbio FC-NN (Joy) 13(copy)(copy) Symbio CD Three Kings 21(copy)(copy)  
Symbio CD Chartwell 14(copy) Symbio NW Te Rapa 07(copy)(copy) Chloe Hall Symbio NW Fendalton 6(copy)(copy) lydia c symbio 6(copy)