Tomatoberry and Vine Sweet Capsicums - Dec 2011

The client brief
To encourage shoppers to trial and purchase the products. To demonstrate the ease of use in preparing them for meals and snacks.

The product
Punnets of two different kinds of glasshouse-grown fruit and vegetables - Tomatoberrys and Sweet Vine Capsicums.

The response
Using trays in a mobile demonstration enabled our brand ambassadors to maximise their access to foot traffic in the supermarkets, allowing them to sample to as many customers as possible. The products were sampled raw so that shoppers could taste the Tomatoberrys' and Capsicums' natural sweet flavours.

The uniforms and tray presentation showcased the brightly coloured produce in a vibrant and eye-catching way.

The outcome
The shopper feedback was extremely positive and customers said they loved trying the unique produce products. Sampling resulted in over 1000 units of product being placed in shopper trolleys within three weeks.

Tomatoberry1 Tomatoberry8 Tomatoberry11 Tomatoberry5
Tomatoberry9 Tomatoberry15 Tomatoberry7 Tomatoberry16
Tomatoberry17 Tomatoberry6 Tomatoberry18 Tomatoberry3