bundaberg brewed drinks experiential - summer 2011/2012

The client brief
To develop an experiential sampling campaign that would run adjacent to an in store campaign, demonstrating key products within their brand and to encourage trial and purchase of the brand.

The client also wanted us to think outside the square when it came to execution and to add some excitement, this needed to also tie in with their ATL creative.
The product
Bundaberg Brewed Drinks – Café Flavors and Lemon Lime and Bitters.
The response
Following through from our integrated in store campaign designed to tie in with the client's advertising, we rolled out a fun experiential out of home campaign taking the Bundaberg “little bit posh” Garden Bar to the streets.
We developed uniforms with a fun take on waiter’s uniforms that looked impactful and fun. Using large barrels as serving tables accompanied by bar stools, we added in colourful props for the eye-catching setup, including a deck chair, paddling pool, and lawn flamingos in planter pots. The mock grass base tied in with our in store campaign where it was also used on the demonstration tabletops.
The outcome
Customer feedback was extremely positive and enabled them to try new flavours of the brand. More than 6,000 samples were handed out with numerous public comments on the quirky uniforms, tasty drinks and vibrant Garden Bar setup.
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